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A Guide to Personality

12 May 2019

Personality systems are a powerful tool for developing self-awareness. This page is an evolving inventory of personality systems that I’ve studied and found value in.

The Big Five (OCEAN)

The Big Five is the most popular model of personality among academics, and has the most research and scientific validation behind it.


The Meyers-Briggs type indicator is hugely popular, and is perhaps the first thing many people think of when they hear about personality.

The Enneagram

While the Enneagram has not been embraced by the academic study of personality, it is quite popular among practitioners. It is unique in its emphasis on how to grow beyond the limitations of a particular personality pattern.

Bioenergetic Character Types

The 5 Personality Patterns

The 5 Personality Patterns follows in the tradition of Reich and Lowen.

Leadership Circle Profile

The LCP is a proprietary system that is focused on leadership development within organizations. It is a strong synthesis of the field of leadership development and offers insight into patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing that limit us.

The Birkman Method