Alex Bierach

Developmental Coaching

I can help you:

  • live with greater clarity, confidence, and ease
  • better understand yourself and your relationships
  • make meaningful progress on an important area of development
  • learn to manage stress, anxiety, or depression more effectively
  • clarify your intentions and live with greater purpose
  • increase the impact you have

Who is it for:

  • You have ambitions that require you to develop new skills and qualities
  • You believe in the value of feedback, and actively solicit it
  • You want more mentorship and support towards your goals
  • You have a track record of learning from your mistakes
  • You use introspection and new experiences to generate insights that you then take action on

What we’ll do:

  • Intake and assessment process to determine area of focus
  • Design 3-6 month development plan
  • Bi-weekly conversations to track progress and explore challenges/opportunities that arise
  • Unlimited text, phone, and email support
  • Highly-tailored readings, exercises, and assignments based on development goals
  • Monthly email check-ins to facilitate development

What others are saying:

“Alex creatively and warmly weaves together powerful intellectual insight and tremendously sensitive emotional intelligence into an inviting, compelling interaction that catalyzes depth and development for his clients. He also brings transparency, integrity and continuous self – correction assuring that the good intentions of his clients always are at the center.”

- James Flaherty, Master Certified Coach, author of “Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others”, and founder of New Ventures West

“Alex models the growth orientation that he inspires in his clients through a voracious appetite for learning. He brings a keen sense of self-awareness, curiosity about the human condition, and increasing pattern recognition, all wrapped in an ability to connect empathically and authentically with his clients. Quite unique in the coaching world, Alex has training and experience as a software developer, which coupled with his human relations and interpersonal training, create quick rapport with his Gen Z and tech clients”

- Jim K. Ph.D., World-class executive advisor

“Alex is a high integrity performer. When he is working with a client, he can see their opportunities super clearly and finds a way to inspire them to take steps that would not have been seen without his support and guidance.”

- David Lesser, Executive coach, YPO forum facilitator, and former CEO of a 9-figure business

Who I am:

Coaching is my life’s work and I take on each new client with rigor and deep commitment. This is not a casual relationship. I will challenge and support you to fulfill your potential.

Committed people want to work with other committed people. To be extraordinary, you must assemble a team of people who you can count on. When we work together I become a committed member of your team. Committed to bringing your visions to life and evoking excellence in you.

I am deeply engaged in the field of human development and will translate cutting-edge theory and methodology into actionable strategies for you.

I bring an interdisciplinary approach to coaching drawing from disciplines including: psychology, therapeutic methods, biology, systems thinking, linguistics, computer science, business, complex adaptive systems, mindfulness, leadership development, contemplative traditions, and philosophy.

Having worked as a software developer for the first part of my career, I bring analytical, logical, and systems thinking together with a highly developed sensitivity for the subjective, ephemeral, and imaginative parts of our experience.

I offer a grounded, welcoming, and unconditionally constructive presence.

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