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Executive coaching and advisory services

Who you are

You are driven by a deep desire to evolve and contribute. You are intelligent. You are successful.

You are curious, ambitious, honest with yourself and others, and oriented towards contribution rather than just achievement.

You are a leader.

Why coaching

A skillful coach holds up a mirror to you. They are capable of reflecting back patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting that limit you in the world. This reflection gives you new choice points and degrees of freedom.

A skillful coach will also show you a window into new possibilities on the edge of your awareness. They will offer alternative ways of knowing, being, and doing that bring forth unprecedented levels of achievement and contribution.

Another powerful advantage of working with a coach is having a relationship where the only agenda is furthering your success and well-being in the world. For good reason, most of our relationships have a higher degree of mutuality, where the other person’s needs and longings are part of the conversation. With coaching, the focus is purely on you and how to advance the projects of your life.

The world’s highest performers work with coaches because they know the power and confidence that this kind of 1:1 deep relationship brings.

Who I am

Coaching is my life’s work and I take on each new client with rigor and deep commitment. This is not a casual relationship. I will challenge you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. I see what my clients are capable of and I support them in bringing these possibilities to life.

Committed people want to work with other committed people. To be extraordinary, you must assemble a team of people who you can count on. When we work together I become a committed member of your team. Committed to bringing your visions to life and evoking excellence in you.

I am deeply engaged in the field of human development and will translate cutting-edge theory and methodology into actionable strategies for you.

I draw from a range of approaches to coaching, including: Integral Coaching, Leadership Circle Profile, somatic psychology, developmental psychology, Immunity to Change, Nonviolent Communication, Adult Development Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Appreciative Inquiry, Focusing, Enneagram, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and others.

Having worked as a software developer for the first part of my career, I bring analytical, logical, and systems thinking together with a highly developed sensitivity for the subjective, ephemeral, and imaginative parts of our experience.

I offer a grounded, welcoming, and unconditionally constructive presence.

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