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Helping You Evolve

As a coach and advisor I draw from broad and deep expertise in human development to help you get unstuck and bring your best to the world.

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I help:

Business leaders sustain a clear, calm presence and hone their capacity for clear, deep, strategic thinking and decision-making
Hidden gems get unstuck and realize their potential

Client journeys

Here are a handful of client journeys that illustrate what it is like to work with me and the kinds of personal shifts I can support you with.

If you think we might be a good fit for one another, please reach out and we'll set up a free consultation to explore your situation together.

Stress-free productivity and work-life balance

Maya was a successful CEO feeling off-balance and dominated by work. We made it a priority for her to step out of “the vortex” at least once a week to take a wider perspective on her business and her life.

We designed micro-practices that fit into her busy lifestyle to keep her centered and balanced.

After 6 months of working together she had an increased sense of inner peace and wellness, an enhanced and consistent diet, exercise, and sleep regimen, and she felt confident and relaxed leading her team.

Confidence and trust

Jack was a bright, sensitive founder struggling with insecurities and doubts. I supported him in going deep and facing his inner demons. He was able to share his deeper existential concerns and struggles in life.

I helped him reframe his situation and learn to move past the depression and cynicism that is common as people bump up against the limits of conventional images of success.

Through our work he developed deep confidence and trust in himself. He was able to raise significant funding for his business and gather a team of world-class technologists, advisors, and investors.

Authenticity and vulnerability

Audrey was a high-achieving investor and consultant having difficulties being open in her relationships.

We explored the principle that we can only be as intimate with another as we are with ourselves, and that the first step to authentic and loving relationships with others is cultivating an authentic and loving relationship with oneself.

Through ongoing self-awareness practices she saw more clearly how her personal and family history created a strong inner desire to maintain a perfect image. This need to control her image made it difficult to take the risks of revealing doubts and insecurities, even in her closest relationships.

We also worked on relaxing tension in her body that limited her ability to open up with others.

At the end of our work she had more satisfying relationships with her spouse, co-founder, and professional community. Perhaps most important, she increased her intimacy with herself.

Creativity and power

When we started working together Sam was a talented interdisciplinary artist struggling to take consistent action towards her goals and feeling stuck in a job that was not aligned with her anymore.

We used self-observation practices to increase awareness of moods and ways of thinking that were derailing her efforts. We also developed her capacity to create and maintain boundaries around self-care and creative work.

Through our work Sam enjoyed increased confidence, personal power, and creative flow, while also successfully creating new work opportunities that were more aligned with her vision for her life.

Names and minor details modified to maintain anonymity.

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