Alex serves as a trusted advisor to leaders and families, helping them cultivate lives of harmony, balance, and creative discovery.

His approach to mentoring is centered on helping people learn the skill of inquiry.

As a mentor I help people listen to their lives.

Learning to Listen

We live with a lot of noise.

The outer world is a cacophony of competing narratives and agendas attempting to influence our self-concepts and behaviors.

The inner world for most people is equally chaotic and arbitrary. A vast array of habitual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Patterns that took shape more or less accidentally as we went through life and have continued unexamined for years.

In the midst of this, it is difficult to discern the sense of an authentic self, let alone live our life in alignment with it.

Yet it is being able to listen to and abide by this authentic self that leads to enduring contentment.

There are patterns and deeper meanings available to those who know how to pay attention.

In our culture there is a bias towards the outer world. The world of power and possessions.

You may be successful in this outer way, through earned or inherited wealth and status. Or you might be frustrated in your pursuits, having some success, but not enough.

Wherever you measure up in the outer world, it has little bearing on whether you feel genuinely contented with who you are and how you live your life (hence the archetypes of the miserable or bored elite and the happy or vital commoner). There might be temporary contentment at having realized some ideal image of success, but it does not lead to enduring satisfaction.

When we live our life oriented to the outer world, we miss opportunities for inner evolution.

Mentoring and Contemplative Practice

Through ongoing dialogue I help you uncover an ever deeper and more precise understanding of life's most central questions:

Who am I? What is mine to do? What is the nature of reality?

Each of us has the potential to see clearly into the truths of life and our place in it. It takes patience and dedication, but the fruits of this kind of contemplative practice are well worth the effort.

The unexamined life is not worth living - Socrates

While it is ultimately up to you to listen more effectively to your life, it is difficult to do alone. We all need teachers, guides, mentors, and friends on the path of self-understanding and realizing our full potential.

My work in this world is to help you on your way.

Sense-making and Choice-making

As we hone our ability to listen to our life, we also improve our skills of sense-making and choice-making.

The skills of making sense of our inner and outer worlds, and making choices that bring us closer to our true desires.

By learning to listen below the surface of the noise within and around us, we begin to discover a source of inner guidance that helps us navigate life.

What is true? What should I do in light of what is true?

This leads to both an increase in subjective well-being, and objective impact and effectiveness in the world. As we become more adept at discerning inner and outer truth, we become more adept at harmonizing our conduct with this truth.

We learn to enter into right relationship with our inner and outer worlds, which is the foundation for a life well lived.

Getting Started

Get started with mentoring by sending me a message. I also enourage you to review these intake documents.

I look forward to helping you know yourself and your place in the world.