Sensemaking is the process by which we give meaning to our experiences. How we understand what happened, what is happening, and what we should do in light of this.

It is how we orient to life.

We are alive at a time where it is increasingly difficult to feel confident that we understand what is happening.

While in many ways I'm equally bewildered as you are, I have spent the better part of a decade training in how to help people make sense of things.

I offer ad hoc sensemaking sessions. In essence, whatever is up for you, whatever questions, breakdowns, confusions, tensions you are in the midst of, I will help you get to a place of clarity and alignment.

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You will leave our conversation with greater optimism and confidence in what next steps are right for you.

Most of my clients are high-functioning, deep-thinking professionals who engage me in conversation to enhance the quality of their thinking and feel confident about the path forward in the face of strong emotions and conflicting desires.