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Personal Growth Advisory

Life is always presenting new challenges and opportunities for growth

I help you navigate this gracefully and serve as a guide to the vast landscape of personal and professional development. Whether it’s related to your work, education, health, relationships, or spiritual growth – I can help you find the path forward.

Where you may be:

Perhaps at its most basic you have a sense that something more substantial, enduring, and satisfying is possible for you. I work as an ally to this internal drive. We work together to identify root causes limiting you in life and find the most effective interventions to address them. We collaborate for as long as you like. Typically you will begin seeing core-level transformations within 3-6 months.

We begin with a 90 minute intake where we explore your life journey and your current situation. From there I will offer an assessment and together we'll design a growth plan that is tailored to your unique needs. From focused sessions with a body-worker, to week-long intensives like the Hoffman process, to relevant articles, books, and podcasts. I also help facilitate introductions and coordinate work with various specialists.

I become an advocate and advisor to you as you engage the inner and outer work required to live an authentic and satisfying life. You will have access to me 24/7, and are encouraged to text, email, or call freely.

Here's an onboarding document that we will use as we begin our work together.


"Since working with Alex, I have experienced growth in all areas of my life. I am evolving in my career and finding more satisfaction in my personal relationships. Alex has an innate ability to hold space for his clients; his approach is so clearly not one-size-fits-all, as he intuitively perceives what I need at the moment and adjusts accordingly. His sensitivity and presence, coupled with his intellectual sharpness, make him a unique partner to have in my corner. It enables him to function multidimensionally–for me, he’s been a business consigliere, relationship advisor, and spiritual guide.

Having one person be able to move so fluidly between roles helps me find real alignment and operate from a place of authenticity. Confidence, courage, and resilience are all natural byproducts of channeling that deeper knowing. Life now feels less like a problem to solve and more like an opportunity to explore. It’s incredible how much positive change I have seen flow from that way of being. I have Alex to credit for that. I am grateful I found him and would recommend him to anyone who is ready to live more bravely, fiercely, and fully."

Alex, Entrepreneur


"I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Alex as my coach. He combines his intellect with a commitment to attentive listening, a combination that has enriched my personal and professional growth.

What sets Alex apart is his commitment to my growth, which transcends our sessions. He consistently goes above and beyond, offering additional insights and resources over text, ensuring that our collaborative efforts maintain momentum.

Alex's intuitive knack for uncovering the deeper meaning behind my words has led to significant breakthroughs. He skillfully integrates spiritual wisdom into our conversations, anchoring them in the realities of my everyday life.

Alex's background as a software engineer has provided him a rare ability to connect to my experiences in the tech industry, setting him apart from other coaches I've encountered.

Working with Alex has been an incredible journey of self-discovery."

Justin, Investor and Consultant

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