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Alex consistently goes above and beyond, ensuring that our collaborative efforts maintain momentum... his background as a software engineer gives him a rare ability to connect to my experiences in the tech industry and sets him apart from other coaches I’ve encountered.

Alex has an uncanny ability to be both incredibly incisive and extremely empathetic at the same time. He played a crucial role in the darkest period of my life, and I’m forever thankful for his steadfast, loving, & reaffirming counsel.

Since working with Alex, I have experienced growth in all areas of my life. I am evolving in my career and finding more satisfaction in my personal relationships. His sensitivity and presence, coupled with his intellectual sharpness, make him a unique partner to have in my corner.

Alex has a remarkable ability to shine a light on the key underlying concept that is at the root of a complex personal or interpersonal challenge. I find myself returning to his insights again and again long after our conversations

Alex's guidance as a coach has been transformative, especially as I transition into the role of CEO at Healthspan. His attentiveness to listen and rich repertoire of philosophical coaching references have provided valuable reflection, empowering me to embrace my new leadership position with confidence and clarity.

Alex’s dedication to developing his craft, cross-disciplinary life experience, and equal parts logical and intuitive thinking make him a really great partner for one’s personal growth and transformation. With a coaching style attuned to one’s needs and steeped in deep inquiry, Alex’s coaching has provided moments of deep clarity & self-reflection in uncertain times. His pragmatic analytical advice, along with somatic & spiritual cues helped me increase my resilience and lower my resistance to a high pressure environment as a product leader at a leading startup.

Coming from the same “generation” as Alex, I found his understanding of being a millennial white-collar “striver” (having been one himself) extremely helpful in his ability to relate to my problems. He's a fantastic listener who deeply absorbs his clients’ thoughts, and is able to dissect them into the underlying issue at play.

Talking with Alex was like being given Google Maps for my life.

Alex’s guidance went far beyond the X’s and O’s of setting and accomplishing goals. He got to the heart of the matter patiently and empathetically, taking his time to assess what I needed versus what I wanted. After entering our sessions with a blind determination to accomplish a material goal, I instead left with the deepest, truest sense of love for myself I’ve ever had in my adult life.

Alex has served me well with his ability to receive, hold and attend to my complexity. He creates a roominess to explore all parts – and then with skill and insight, guides me back to the path in a newly integrated way.

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