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Shorter version

I'm sensitive and kind, with a low tolerance for bullshit. I care about truth and nurturing the life force of those around me.

I see myself as a facilitator, guide, educator, and strategist. My focus is guiding others into the freedom to be who they are without getting entangled in the machinations, noise, past traumas, shame or fear. This enables a more impactful, authentic, and satisfying life.

I've had a somewhat unconventional path, but I can now see that it was part of the journey I needed to take. The meanderings and struggles created the conditions for me to be an effective guide for others.

I've worked with CEO's, investors, consultants, technologists, and artists. I've served companies like Capital One, Warner Brothers, Comcast, Hallmark, and Skechers.

A differentiator in my client work is that I have studied broadly and deeply enough to have a first principles approach that is highly tailored to you. I do not run you through a method or formula. That said, here are some methods/frameworks I'm trained/certified in:

I live with my wife and toddler son in Berkeley. I sing and play piano almost everyday, believing that music is a microcosm of the universe.

Longer version

My story continues to evolve. I am an explorer at heart, with a love of learning and a commitment to growth.

An autodidact, I spent my 20's searching far and wide for understanding.

I started my career as a coach and advisor to the owner of a software consulting firm. Through that role, I learned that personal transformation is not for the faint of heart, and that I had a lot more to learn before I could effectively guide someone through difficult transitions.

As my wide-eyed idealism crashed into reality, I shifted out of the role of guide into an individual contributor on a software team. I learned the ins and outs of product development, from client management to UI/UX design to programming to deployment and testing.

I used the autonomy that being a remote programmer afforded me to invest heavily in my own development. Through intensives and year-long programs I studied many paths for the reduction of suffering and the development of mature, vital, and awake human beings.

A 10-day intensive in Turkey studying Non-violent Communication launched me deeper into my heart. A particularly poignant moment occurred when singing in a circle with others. I broke down in tears, feeling so acutely the grief at never before experiencing such harmony with others. I got a glimpse of what heart-centered community can feel like, and how much suffering I had been holding on to by feeling isolated from others.

I continued following the drive for something more substantial and enduring. A vague sense of incompleteness or that something was missing. This led me around the world and through many ups and downs.

I've been blessed to have amazing teachers, mentors, guides, and advisors along the way. I would not have made it through the morass of my own confusion if it weren't for all these wonderful people.

Through this process I have always had friends and clients that I've served as a kind of confidante and guide for.

I'm fairly casual/informal, and don't have much interest in inflating my image. One thing I can say is that I have done the work to be able to receive others with care.

In our world there is a deficit of clear relational seeing. The experience of being received by another person without any agenda or subtle attempts to judge, manipulate, or change us. The spaciousness to be able to just be ourselves with another is liberating, and as I have come to see, the most important aspect of a transformative helping relationship.

I'm unabashed about my belief that life is meaningful and sacred. Our dominant culture is far too quick to dismiss religion and spirituality. I see myself in part as a kind of sherpa helping people navigate beyond cynicism, nihilism, hedonism or whatever other isms result from an overly objective/materialistic view of life. Remember the Mystery!

Currently I'm navigating the transition into parenthood and loving it.

If you think I may be able to support you on your journey, please get in touch.

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