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Alex Bierach is an executive coach with a first principles approach to helping people optimize their business and personal lives.

He blends a strong intellect with open-mindedness to help his clients quickly get to the root causes of issues and identify efficient and effective leverage points in whatever system they are focused on - be it a business, team, or a leader's personal well-being.

He has worked with CEOs, investors, consultants, technologists, and artists. He's served companies like Capital One, Warner Brothers, Comcast, Hallmark, and Skechers.

He holds a degree in business from USC’s Marshall School of Business. He’s certified in Integral Coaching and the Leadership Circle Profile, has training in the Hakomi method, Nonviolent Communication, Immunity to Change, and Internal Family Systems, and expertise in many more disciplines.

Before becoming a trusted leadership advisor he had an enriching career as a software consultant where he worked as an individual contributor at every point in the product development lifecycle.

His background in technology helps him blend analytical and systems thinking together with a sensitivity for the subjective and relational aspects of business.

Alex lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and son. He sings and plays piano most days, believing music is a microcosm of life.

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