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Growth is hard and often painful

With the right support we can struggle more efficiently and consistently lean into our potential

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As people and companies evolve, friction is inevitable.

The aim is not to get rid of friction, but to make skillful use of it and prevent it from derailing our efforts.

Focus Areas

High performers with interpersonal friction

High-stress professionals on a path towards burnout

Executives entering new levels of leadership span

My approach

Starting with the science of the body and brain we build up through the emotions and mind to work out the kinks in your day-to-day performance. My expertise is in behavior change and I stay on the forefront of leadership development, peak performance, and whole-life well-being. I'm a pragmatist focused on sharing my expertise in immediately actionable ways. 

I'm trained in  Internal Family Systems, Hakomi Method, Leadership Circle Profile, Integral Coaching, Agile, Diamond Approach, Flow Performance and many other disciplines.

I also have experience building software for companies like Capital One, Comcast, and Skechers and have been an individual contributor at every point in the product development lifecycle. I work across industries, but my clients in tech appreciate my understanding of how software is made.

What others are saying

Alex consistently goes above and beyond, ensuring that our collaborative efforts maintain momentum... his background as a software engineer gives him a rare ability to connect to my experiences in the tech industry and sets him apart from other coaches I’ve encountered.

Alex’s coaching has provided moments of deep clarity & self-reflection in uncertain times. His pragmatic analytical advice, along with somatic & spiritual cues helped me increase my resilience and lower my resistance to a high pressure environment as a product leader at a leading startup.

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