Does it ever occur to you that in each moment the entirety of the human experience is happening?

You’re waking up for a leisurely Sunday morning. Someone else is taking their first breath of air. Another taking their last. Someone is making love for the first time. Someone else is signing divorce papers. Someone is in prison. Another is in the midst of committing a life-altering crime. Another is leaping from an airplane free-falling towards the surface of the earth. Others are distracting themselves from their alienation.

All the intensity of all the adrenaline coursing through the veins of risk-seeking adolescents and patients in cardiac arrest. The warm fluttery feelings of light intoxication and the dark vertigo of a heroin overdose.

The vastness of the simultaneous is breathtaking.

The part of me that wants to understand reality is perplexed by this. Frustrated by it. There is a yearning for coherence. For it all to make sense.

Yet the simultaneous seems to defy any neat explanations. It cannot be eternally contained by concepts.

Just for a moment, behold the simultaneous. Rest in the fullness of it all. Rest in the mystery.

We’re all always and only ever Here.