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'Explorations' Returns

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Hi friends,

This is the first note I've sent in nearly 2 years.

I've been focused on parenthood and getting traction as a consultant.

My intention is to share short and terse reflections on topics that are supportive to authentic living.

As a whole-life guide and strategist my best work typically comes in response to an immediate prompt. A highly contextual meeting of a person where they are.

It is more difficult for me to elaborate an idea independently from a direct need or question.

There are plenty of general truths or profound insights. They rarely penetrate our habitual selves unless they come in at the right time in our lives.

My bias in writing is to share things that will inspire and guide you towards greater wholeness. I cannot expect everything I write to be useful to you, which is why I'll aim for brevity. I believe your attention is precious and should be respected.

I hope you'll find something meaningful in my writing.

I'll start with a more frequent burst of pieces I've had on the shelf for the past 2 years and then settle into a ~monthly publishing cadence.

Be well,



In addition to writing I will share music with you. To kick things off, here's a song I've had on repeat lately and am learning to play. It evokes a spacious sense of peace in me.

It has helped me in grieving the recent loss of my grandmother. She would have nodded along soulfully while listening to me play it for her.

"Maraba Blue" by Abdullah Ibrahim


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